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2008-03-16 12:21 pm
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I have made some Astrid Lindgren related icons. 
01 - 04 Lotta
05 - 05 Ronja
06 - 06 Pippi
07 - 09 Bullerbyn
10 - 10 Dragon with the red eyes
11 - 12 The brothers Lionheart
13 - 13 Emil
14 - 19 Madicken
20 - 26 Saltkrakan


The drawings are from Ilon Wikland (except Emil from Björn Berg), the pictures are from the movies.

You can use the icons any way you want.

credit for the textures goes to: 
[community profile] acme_graphics, [profile] titan_girl, [profile] xgraphicjunkie, [personal profile] inxsomniax and [profile] erniemay


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2008-02-15 04:50 pm

multi fandom icons

 I've got some new icons to share:
01-04 Doctor Who
05-06 Green Wing
07 Life on Mars
08-10 North & South
11 Pride & Prejudice
12-15 This Life


Hope you enjoy them!
You can use them any way you want.

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2007-11-26 05:34 pm
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Icons Ballykissangel (BBC)

  Here are 22 icons from BBC's Ballykissangel. I love that show!


You can use the icons as the are, use them as bases and add text, or just use the picture to do something creative...

The texture on the first on is from [info]eveningwalk

have fun with them!



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2007-09-23 02:56 pm
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Pettson & Findus icons

I made a couple of icons from drawings of Pettson & Findus by Sven Nordqvist. If sombody ever sees them and wants them, feel free to take them (you can credit Sven Nordqvist). Comments are welcome. 


You got to love Pettson & Findus, don't you?